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Kalin Shrine

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Kalin Shrine:
Level Requirements: 50+
Bosses: 6
1st boss, RuneGuardian. This boss has massive damage, so you really need a good tank. But, the most important tactic here is. Everyone except the tank should be behind the runewalker INSIDE meleerange. It has a ''power build-up'' if you're not in melee range, then you'll take this hit and this is for most of the people a guaranteed 1-hit. If you are inside melee range, CLOSER to the boss then the tank is, then he'll take this hit (This hit is quite high, even for tank, so get heals ready). Sometimes boss random turns around and attacks someone else. Tank just have to use 1 aggro skill and it's back on you. It also stuns the tank sometimes, and it has a very easy AoE.

2nd Boss, turtleboss (Skippable). This is one of the nastiest bosses. Tank it in the middle. It has quite low damage (Sometimes a 3k AoE). It random freezes someone at first. When it freezes someone, hammers will appear randomly in the room, find the hammer. And use the hammer on the frozen one by clicking on the hammer while near him. Then he freezes 5 people. The 1 person who is not frozen, should go grab a hammer and unfreeze one. Then they should both grab hammers and unfreeze people and so on till you unfroze all people. If you don't do this on time, the frozen people will receive a 122k hit. You have about 25 seconds to unfreeze all 5 players. It does this freeze trick till he dies.

3rd boss, Locatha. Quite easy boss, just need high DPS. (To reach this boss, jump in water, then go to the bridge). As soon you walk on the bridge it spawns. Mages have to thunderstorm any adds he spawns because if they come close to the boss they increase the strength of the boss (At the strength 14 I thought it hits around 4k on tank). Just DPS it asap and let mages TS adds asap. Quite an easy boss if you have the DPS.

4th boss, disciple, the hardest boss in KS probably. You can see alot of barrels around him. The tank should tank him from barrel to barrel. As soon this boss goes ''Frenzy'' someone has to smash this barrel down really fast. It'll then bring the boss back to normal and the tank should go to the next barrel. If you dont get him out of frenzy it 1-hit everyone 8-). It also has a HP based AoE. So group heal is needed (1 priest group heals, 1 single heals tank). He does this stuff till he dies.

5th boss, Ensia. Kill this boss as soon as possible. It fears sometime, but it builds up a dot on everyone. The higher the number of the dot is the higher damage it does. Therefor it's important to kill it fast.

Regin, Final Boss:
Tank and spank till 75%, then he disappears and Runeguardian appears on your left stairs, Ensia appears on your right stairs. Move to left stairs and let tank intercept Rune Guardian, use the same tactic as listed above with Rune Guardian. Let Ensia come. Kill Ensia first (Tank only tanks Rune Guardian), so there's no tank at Ensia. Kill Ensia as soon as you can. Then focus on Rune Guardian. You have about 3 minutes to kill both till Regin comes back. Or else you got 3 bosses to fight 8-).

Once you done that it's once again tank and spank till 20%. At 20% it copies himself ALOT and all of these adds AoE, avoid this AoE by running all accros the room. The adds will disappear after like 30 seconds. Then finish the boss of and get ur loots

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