Necropolis of Mirrors

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Necropolis of Mirrors

Post  Ipwnnoobs on Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:35 am

Necropolis of Mirrors

Level Requirement: Healers 35+; Tanks 39+
Bosses: 6
1st boss, Magister Gumas (Or something like that):
Easy boss, tank and spank. Nothing really special. 1st boss Necropolis of mirrors you need to keep 1 interrupt stun so his holy aura (less hit rate) won't be casted. You could also do this for his aoe attacks.

2nd boss, Androlier's Shadow:
It's pretty much an easy boss, but at some point she copies herself a couple of times. Kill the adds and most of all, keep them off the healers. He also uses the special ability Mirror Shell.

3rd boss, Androlier's Strength:
High damage, and fears now and then. Need a good tank for this and good healers. He also uses the special ability Mirror Shell.

4th boss, Androlier's Prisoner:
1) Androlier's Prisoner has an AoE fear with a range of about 200-250.

2) He has a spell that he cast (with-in 10 seconds I think) on the person with the most aggro called Renaissance or something like that. This spell puts a debuff on the person with the most aggro that gives them an AoE (about 100-150 range) that hurts the other people in the party only! A level 50 K/W had it and was hitting me (4.5K PDef) for 1k every 5 seconds even when he was feared! The spell wears off about 20 seconds AFTER you kill Androlier's Prisoner.
{Credits to Toimu for new info on boss}

5th & 6th boss, the dogs:
You can pull them 1 by 1, just look at their walking pattern. Kill the speedy's around you to get a safe spot, and tank it there. Both of these bosses have quite high damage and spawn speedies. Let some AoE'er take care of those adds. Also it has high AoE, so it's def adviced for other close DPS'ers to stand back when it AoE's. Both bosses are about the same.

They both provide a keypart, use both keyparts and you can open the chest in the middle for loot

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