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Treasure Trove

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Treasure Trove

Level Requirements: 50+
Bosses: 5
In this instance the bosses are not the hardest, the mobs are. Lvl 50-52 elites with extreme high damage. Just make sure the tank always tanks the attackers, they have the highest damage. For the rest, it's up to you to find your way and fight your way to the bosses.

Octopus Boss Will's Curse:
At the top of the stairs are 5 different cups. Each cup represents a boss. If the boss has 500k HP it's a fake, if it had 700k HP it's the real boss. The 500k HP bosses are easy. Just kil lthem, as soon you killed it, the real boss spawns right after.
This boss has 1 special abilitie.
It can make people a skeleton, this increases the damage on you alot. So make sure the mages dispell this fast (Especially if it's the tank).
For the rest, this boss should be easy.

Loyal Talomo:
You can skip this boss.
This boss has a buff which only makes your dot's do damage. There's a way to avoid this. Let the tank tank the boss from fire to fire. As soon he has the buff, click on the fire and you gain a needle in your backpack. Activate the needle on the boss and it deactivates his buff, which makes you able to attack it with all kind of attacks. Do remember to run away as soon he casts canonfire, because that's an extreme high damage attack. These fires will not respawn, so you have to kill it before all fires are down. Or you kite the rest of the fight.

Boulder Sigaar:
This boss requires some good timing. Basically, it has ''2ways of fighting''. It has 2 different colors. Orange and Blue. When he's Orange no physical damage should be done to him. If you keep using physical attacks to him you'll get punched back in ur face with 1500 damage per hit you did when he was orange. When it's blue, noone should use magical damage. Same thing, you do it, you receive the hits back in your face. He does this trick till he dies. Next to that, it also has quite high damage. It also has a 80% def decrease buff. It's wise for the tank to run around a bit then to avoid damage, because the damage is incredibly high then. Also, at 40%, 30%, 20%, 10% it random aggro, keep kiting it till the tank got his aggro back.

Lookout Luke:
This boss can be found at the top of the ship. It's supposed to have a special triple attack. Well erm, it did 1k damage to me. After his debuff goes off, it hits every partymember for around 3.5k. It can have decent damage on the tank, but it should not be to hard.

Snow Blake:
This is the final boss, it has a pretty high damage and it's high lvl, so you don't hit to much on her. It has 2 specials.
It summons the previous bosses which do 1 attack and then disappear again. She does this quite often.
It also has ''Queen Bomb''. It's an AoE which does 5k damage. It transport you to her, and starts loading the Queen Bomb. You have to run away from her fast (AoE range is quite small). She does this alot. But next to that, she roots people. Priests should use their cleanse to remove the root effects fast, before she starts her Queen Bomb and you die because you can't run away. Quite a pitty boss, but doable if you get the tactic.

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