World Bosses Tactics ^^

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World Bosses Tactics ^^

Post  Ipwnnoobs on Tue Oct 13, 2009 4:49 am

Spiderboss, can spawn-by-kill. Only ranged attack for this boss (Except for tank ofcourse). Has very high AoE so make sure you're out of AoE range. It stuns the tank now and then but nothing to worry about. At 50% it spawns adds for every member in your group. Make sure you kill these adds. They are lvl 35 elite. At approx. 15-25% it transports tank away and resets aggro. At this point, adds wont spawn. Tank has to come back and take over aggro fast. It's important to kill it fast at the last 20%^to avoid the spidie to do it again.

Ice Witch spawn, once again spawn-by-kill. Works about the same as Anselva, actually it works exactly the same as Anselva.

Scion Locface
High AoE. At around 25% it starts to ''daze'' people. You just need a priest that groups heals so it heals up the dot.

Peaceful Angore
1 of the CL bosses, probably the easiest. High damage on tank and spawns 2 adds sometimes. Also has AoE stuns and stuns tank quite often to. Really need some good healing and tanking here because he hits like a train.
You can stand Tank - Healer - Healer or if you have good HP and def people just have 1 healer to group heal all the time.

Also 1 of the CL bosses. This 1 is harder. He has alot more damage and it has a ''double AoE'' which can crit up to 8.5k or so. No adds, so that's easier. Can use same tactics as Peaceful.

Stealth Boss, no double AoE but a pretty much high damage on tank. Also again AoE stuns and all stuff. Need a really strong tank for this. Can use same tactics as Angore.

The hardest CL bosses. This 1 is a beast. He has no AoE, but for this 1 you need def mode, I had def Sigil, Def mode and my armor buff (35k def) and it still crits me for 4k. it hits like a train and it hits high. You need really fast and good heals here.

Ice Burst Locklay
Cave Boss next to Camp Malair. It's an easy boss till 25%, just tank and spank. It stuns quite often and especially on tank it stuns alot. Sometimes it spawns 3 adds. Just kill them. Big AoE (6k or so, non-critage on clothies) and. At 25% he goes Berserk, and you gotta pray it doesn't do a crit AoE then (crit AoE = 10k or so), kill it as fast as you can in Berserk, because it's damage is insane in Berserk. It also has an AoE freeze which gives a heal-debuff. You can use cleanse on this debuff.

Worr Binnpike

What you need for this is a high HP tank and atleast 2 very high HP healers. (Healers should have around 14k+ HP, hero pot/anything that boosts HP adviced).
Basically you can almost stand anywhere with this boss, just stay inside healing range It has an AoE with 10-14k crits, and it random charges people for 10k + damage. It also has a 4 sec fear and above all a 8 sec silence (Nasty one). So always keep regenerate on tank as he wont receive heals for 8 seconds. This hide tactic can be done as well. If you stand behind the trees, he wont charge you/AoE wont hit you.

Lynn Binnpike
Same tactic as above, just Lynn seems to be slightly easier, also not a guaranteed ''rare'' drop. And doesn't reset HP if you wipe.

Ant Queen
A very hard boss, spawns once in 24h. You need 6 tanks, main tank should always be a knight, off-tanks can be r/k, w/k or anything similar. Let the main tank get aggro. Queen random ''eggs'' people, this can be dispelled. Till 75% you should not have much problems if the tank keeps aggro. At 75% it spawns 3 adds, the tanks should take aggro and the DPS should ALL focus on these adds. After the adds have been killed, get back on the Queen.
At 50% it spawns 4 adds, same tactic, take aggro and kill the adds, then go back to queen.
At 25% it spawns 5 adds, same tactic, take aggro and kill the adds, then go back to queen. The last 25% is just tank and spank.
As the chamber closes, you can't resurrect and hop back in. That's why there should be outside-ressers. People who are not in the group and not in combat can resurrect anyone who died. Just shout in Zone Chat where you died.

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