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Cyclops Lair

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Cyclops Lair

Level Requirement: 50+
Bosses: 4
Boddosh. High damage and stuns tank. As soon the tank is stunned, he goes to the next person who is second in aggroline. Let that person kite it for 6 seconds and then bring it back to the tank. If the tank is stunned, then don't let a 2nd tank tank it near him. Because his AoE hits ALOT if you're stunned.

For the rest, 1 more very important thing for this boss. Whatever you do, don't use stun or slowdown effects at this boss. If you do, then he goes frenzy, frenzy means ALOT higher damage and a new group wont be able to take his damage.

2nd Boss, Zurhidon Negotiator. A mage is handy for this.

Kill the 4 adds in this room at 1 place. As soon you killed all 4, the boss itself will appear and ''revive'' these adds. Use thunderstorm at the adds as soon they turn alive. This will give them a ''Knockdown'' effect to prevent them from using Death Shackle (4k damage per mob). Also, root/charge/lass can knock these mobs down. Mage has to keep the Thunderstorm up. The rest DPS the boss like crazy. You think you wont hit it at all, but it heals itself with the live of the adds. If all 4 adds die, then the battle is over. You can then go the the slaves and ask how to open the chest. Then open the chest and get your loot.

3rd boss, Ordig, Masso and Gorn.
For a team who does this the first time the killorder would be Gorn, Masso and then Ordig. Gorn is a healer, so kill him as soon as possible. Masso has random aggro, so kill him after fast. Ordig has a massive slowdown effect and makes the tanker smaller.

Final Boss, Uguda.

Kill the Generals to activate the boss, the first time it goes easy. So spare your cooldowns. After he dies, he uses an orb and comes back to live. Then he becomes harder. It random charges people and it spawns red orbs. 3 at a time (He gives a signal, by saying something. ''Come out servants, help me''). AVOID these red orbs. They have a quite amount of damage, so walk away from then. For the rest he has quite high damage, but doable.

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